Noise readings alone do not provide all the answers

A sound understanding of noise is crucial to finding the right acoustic solution....

April 22, 2024

Investigating a noise complaint of loud music by just taking noise measurements does not provide the full picture, knowledge and expertise are required.


Recently dBC assisted a client when their venue had received noise complaints regarding loud music.  There were several different activities within the venue where music was played at background levels in one area and at elevated levels in separate rooms.  Based on noise readings alone only the rooms with the elevated music levels would have been considered an issue and again based on noise readings alone the recommended levels would not have been effective.
Listening to the client, the affected parties, the music, and examining the building, as well as taking noise readings provided a thorough noise assessment from which a comprehensive acoustic solution was determined.
Setting noise levels without considering the variations in the types of music and what could be heard would have resulted in levels being set too high and complaints continuing.  Examining the structure showed that even the background music was causing vibrations that would affect neighbouring properties.  
A holistic approach was taken specifying appropriate noise levels for different activities and anti-vibration mounts where required. 


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