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Noise Surveys

Most of our work starts with a noise survey. The kind of noise survey depends on the type of assessment required. Survey work can be source measurement for a housing development and response to complaint, or semi-permanent monitoring to determine noise levels over an extended period. 
We have surveyed large industrial plant, in the centre of a field, by a road or railway, night or day.
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Acoustic Consultancy

Based upon education, training and experience our consultants provide high quality acoustic consultancy for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. 
Our work ranges from single residents to multi-national corporations with all projects given the same attention to detail and we offer services including measurement, prediction, assessment, analysis, mitigation, recommendations, advice, and assurance.
All consultants are full Members of the Institute of Acoustics MIOA.
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Planning Applications

Most developments require a planning application. When the development affects or can be affected by the acoustic environment then an assessment is required.
dBC are vastly experienced in assessing and reporting for planning applications to ensure a smooth passage through planning. We have considered every scale of development from a single house, multi dwelling housing estates, shopping centres, schools, medical centres right up to new onshore substations.
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Building Acoustics

Noise control for internal spaces is an important arm of acoustics. Building Regulations 2010 Part E dictates the minimal sound insulation conditions for party walls and floors and outlines the sound testing requirements to prove compliance.
dBC will review architectural plans for new build and conversion projects to assess wall, floor, ceiling, columns, common areas, reverberation time and steel encasement design and give recommendations where designs do not meet Building Regulations.
dBC has worked with multiple gym operators to ensure Building Acoustics are fully assessed prior to new gyms opening in commercial and residential developments. 
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Noise at Work

Noise at work assessments is a requirement under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations
2005 (CNAW 2005) for the protection of employees hearing against harmful noise in the workplace.
dBC conducts sample sound measurements to identify noise sources which may be a cause for
concern for the CNWR 2005. Employees complete questionnaires and are issued with dosimetry
badges to fully assess exposure risk during their working day.

Consultants assess the collected data and provide information and recommendations to the
employer to, where possible, eliminate or reduce risk and/or mitigation measures to fully comply
with the regulations.

dBC has conducted noise at work assessments across a range of sectors such as food
processing factories and timber mills.

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Noise Modelling

dBC use CadnaA noise modelling software to help with site assessment. Models are constructed from site survey data, manufacturer’s data, drawing files and topographical input. A model simplifies a complex site or situation. 
Consultants use models to identify dominant noise sources, predict receptor levels and determine the effectiveness of mitigation measures e.g. barriers, screens and enclosures.
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Vibration Monitoring

Ground-borne vibration monitoring is undertaken when existing properties or industrial premises are affected by vibration or when proposed development encroaches close to a source.
Common sources of vibration are railways, roads, drop forging, piling and blasting. Vibration has the potential to disrupt sensitive machinery, reduce the quality of life, cause cosmetic and structural damage.
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Sound & Air Testing

Sound & Air Testing are important requirements for new and converted properties. In a competitive market dBC use fully trained and experienced testing teams to ensure a quality and reliable testing throughout all stages of your development.
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