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Langham Community Centre | Noise Survey

—  Langham Community Centre

Canterbury bat

Noise Issue

The main hall of the Community Centre suffered from poor building acoustics with echoes causing uncomfortable speech and listening conditions for multiple users. The committee asked dBC to provide acoustic consultancy and a solution to gain the ideal acoustic environment.

Noise Assessment

dBC undertook a noise survey to determine the reverberation time within the main hall. The noise assessment used specialist building acoustics equipement to measure the internal reverberation time. The mid frequency reverberation time was 1.96s. The main hall is used by youth groups, for celebrations, amateur dramatics and cinema club all in need of specific acoustic requirements. Building acoustics guidance suggest a reverberation time of 1.2s would provide the ideal acoustic environment for all users.

Acoustic Solution

The building acoustics report recommended sound absorbent panels are installed on the walls and ceiling of the main hall. dBC's sister company dBA installed the panelling in a neat and professional manner. Post installation dBC undertook a further noise survey and the reverberation time had fallen to 1.27s. The noise assessment provided a solution and an ideal space for all users allowing spoken word and amplified music clarity and reverberation control so youth group noise does not become intolerable. The acoustic solution has been positively received with comments about how pleasant the space is now and the quality installation. 
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